Positive Direction

Achieve your dreams. Experienced professional coaches will help you evaluate your life, define the areas where improvement is needed, and develop strategies to achieve your ultimate goals.

Life Coaching

A life coach can help you initate the changes you want to see in your life. Our coaches focus on action, accountability, and follow-through to support growth and development in your personal or professional life. These caring professionals will help you make positive changes to achieve your goals and dreams by providing the motivation and support you need to get there. Life coaching can initiate positive change in many areas of your life:
  • Personal relationships
  • Stress management and balance
  • Spirituality and personal growth
  • Career planning and development
  • Motivation and time management
  • Creativity and inspiration
  • Finances and budgeting
  • Healthy living and self-care
  • Family and parenting
Explore how your dreams can become attainable goals!

Psychological Support

Everyone needs support in this adventure called Life! Humans are social beings by nature and we are not meant to do it all alone.

For those times when Life feels especially challenging, a psychotherapist can offer the support and guidance to get you through. Contrary to many cultural ideas about psychotherapy, the depth approach to therapy is a gentle process of truly being with someone through a challenging time and helping them find and reconnect their own inner strength. To look at the word more deeply, "psyche" comes from the Greek meaning "soul" and "therapeia" means "to attend to or care for" So in a nutshell, psychotherapy is "tending to or caring for the soul" It is a valuable tool for those times when you need additional support because Life has upped the ante on you (which it does to us all at times) and it is a process of helping you get back in touch with your own deepest strengths and rediscovering your own inner resources, which are all you need to find your way through.

With this kind of psycho therapeutic support, you will come to remember that you are not alone - nor should you be!- and you will be amazed at how quickly you are once again feeling grounded, secure and truly empowered to face whatever Life hand you!


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