Good Medicine

We begin with a nurturing and whole-person approach to healing, taking a comprehensive look at not only your symptoms but also the many underlying factors surrounding your health, such as eating habits, sleep patterns, personal and professional stress, genetics, and more, in order to effectively address the root causes of what ails you and achieve true healing that’s right for you.

Integrative Health

An integrative health consultation is the perfect first step on your journey to vibrant health and you will leave your consultation with a personalized roadmap to achieve your goals. Our integrative family medicine practice offers comprehensive care for everyone from babies to grandparents. We address all forms of medical issues from wellness checkups to chronic disease, and present options to assess and improve your health. Taking into account lifestyle habits and thought processes, we provide effective tools, education, and the inspiration to live an exhilarating and joyful life. Dr. Martha Hackett offers concierge-style medicine without the expensive price tag. LivAwareMD patients enjoy same-day appointments, direct access to the doctor on the phone, and personalized care focused on promoting lasting health. The staff members are seasoned and compassionate caregivers. The office manager, herself, is the answering service, connecting any after-hours calls right to Dr. Hackett. The nurses are available all day to answer your questions promptly, and the medical assistants personally call you with all x-ray or laboratory results.


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