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Dr. Martha Hackett changed her life through nutrition, exercise, and quieting her mind. She created LivAwareMD so that you can do the same.

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aboutTrue wellness means finding and maintaining your balance with the three aspects we all share: spirit, mind, and body. At LivAwareMD, we combine the latest advances in western medicine with ancient, time-tested holistic practices to help you achieve optimal health from the inside out.

Our holistic process follows these five steps:

  1. Observe what is. Uncover the factors affecting your current health.
  2. Honor your body. Listen to your body’s wisdom and let it guide you on your path to optimal health.
  3. Awaken to the power you have to shape your environment through what you eat, how you move, and how you think.
  4. Connect with what is sacred in your life through meditation and a quiet mind.
  5. Achieve balance for your body, mind, and spirit.

Your journey begins where you are right now and proceeds based on your personal desires, needs, and goals. We understand that handing down directives for what you “need” to do for your health simply doesn’t work. When you understand where you are now, and where you could be with an individualized wellness program, you’re more motivated to achieve your goals.

Dr. Martha Hackett

I can write you a prescription, or I can teach you how to heal yourself. You decide.

Dedicated to promoting healthy, vibrant living, Dr. Martha Hackett follows a unique holistic approach that blends the best of Western medicine with ancient time-tested wisdoms.

A board-certified family physician, Dr. Martha Hackett has dedicated over 30 years to caring for her patients and has created one of the largest private medical practices in NE Ohio, currently overseeing 10,000 patients. She graduated with honors from Case Western Reserve University Medical School, and completed her Family Medicine residency at University Hospitals of Cleveland. Several years ago she realized that the method of healthcare she was trained in was not able to actually heal chronic diseases. Looking for answers, Dr. Martha began the journey of living aware. She opened to the power of good, clean, balanced nutrition. She gained a deeper understanding of the innate healing wisdom of our bodies, and learned how to encourage and support healing. She discovered the ancient techniques of energy healing. She learned to quiet her mind with meditation and thus is able to live from the sacred stillness within. Always learning, she recently completed a 2-year Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.

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The LivAwareMD Team

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Meet our team of passionate, committed health practitioners who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge and gifts in order to nurture, rejuvenate and empower you.


“[Yoga Nidra] has made me a better and stronger person. It has opened my life to greater opportunities. I feel it has changed my health and my life for the better.“

I am a 53-year-old woman with the typical stresses most people my age have to deal with. I have a family and a busy full-time job and over the last few years I’ve had to care for aging and ailing parents. About two years ago I started meditation/Yoga Nidra with Dr. Martha Hackett at LivAwareMD. I was looking for an alternative to medication to help me deal with all the stresses of daily life. Through the practice of Yoga Nidra, I have learned different breathing and relaxation techniques. I have learned to NOT react or get angry at behaviors I don’t agree with. It helped me tremendously through the grieving process after losing my mom to cancer. I continue to practice meditation/Yoga Nidra. I feel it has made me a better and stronger person. It has opened my life to greater opportunities. I feel it has changed my health and my life for the better.
– Darlene D.

“In a world that is anything but calm, I can leave my [reiki] session with Ken filled with peace and positivity. “

Ken Egbert has a true gift and passion for healing. Every reiki experience I have with him has been a true blessing. He is a true professional. As a healer he has a gift beyond explanation. As a person, he has a caring heart and a compassionate soul. His care and concern go beyond the casual “Hi, how are you?” All you need to do is bring in an open mind and a willingness to accept healing. In a world that is anything but calm, I can leave my time with Ken filled with peace and positivity. Thank you for sharing your gift with all who desperately need healing.
– Keith C.

“By changing my thoughts, I have changed my life.”

With the help of Dr. Martha Hackett, I am finally and truly at peace with my mother and our relationship after 64 years. No matter how hard I have tried over the years, I have never felt myself to be the recipient of that “unconditional Mother’s love” that I so desperately wanted. Dr. Martha helped me to realize that my mom’s insecurities in herself have contributed to making me the strong, confident person that I have become. Instead of trying to change my mom, I thank her for who I am because of the person she is. After this realization, I finally feel a tremendous weight has been lifted from me.

Through Dr. Martha’s help, I have gained the wisdom to know that I cannot change my mom. Instead, I accept the way she is, and now have a better relationship with her. By changing my thoughts, I have changed my life.”
– Karen M.

“I hope you can experience the same inner peace that meditation has brought to me.”

I would highly recommend the meditation class offered by Dr. Martha to anyone. The experience is unique and hard to describe. The closest I can think of is when you listen to a beautiful music performance and you “go somewhere.” You don’t realize that you have been transported until you snap back to the present moment and you are back sitting in your chair. Have you ever had that happen to you? Then you know what I’m talking about. Lying in the sun with the surf crashing in the background would be also be an apt comparison.

I manage a hectic business with many moving parts. I’m always scheming a Plan A, with a backup Plan B, planning for all contingencies. The “monkey chatter” in my mind is usually deafening. After a yoga nidra practice with Dr. Martha my mind is refreshingly quiet. My heart isn’t beating loudly and my breathing is easy. It’s like a mini vacation. The experience for me has been nothing short of amazing. I hope you can experience the same inner peace that meditation has brought to me.
— Bill B.

“I am thankful to Dr. Martha for the way she helped me learn and develop positive steps in managing my own health through a vegan lifestyle.“

So many times we just take our health for granted and live a life of self-indulgence coupled with poor health habits. Over the years before becoming a patient of Dr. Martha’s, and even for many years under Dr. Martha’s care, I too made choices that negatively affected my health and well-being. Each time I came in for an appointment with more medical issues Dr. Martha listened to my tale of woe as I took her through my list of excuses to explain why I felt poorly and why I could not eat right or exercise. At each visit we discussed my condition, my medications, my family health history and the medical condition path that I was currently on. Dr. Martha coached me and provided exceptional care and comfort through the way she communicates and connects with her patients. During each visit Dr. Martha promoted health management choices through a vegan or semi-vegan lifestyle and ended each visit with “when you are ready to make changes that will improve your health I can help you.” Time went on and my health worsened with a need for more visits and more care. Finally, I was ready to listen and I scheduled a visit with Dr. Martha so I could learn more about how I could make choices and manage my own health and well-being.

I am thankful to Dr. Martha for the way she helped me learn and develop positive steps in managing my own health through a vegan lifestyle. The choice was mine to make and now I am pleased to say that I am a 54-year-old male who takes no prescribed pharmaceuticals for any health issue or for health management. Overall my health has improved in all areas and three years into healthful living I feel great. I listened, learned and continue to work to improve the quality of my own health and life and owe Dr. Martha thanks for helping me make the right choices.
— James K.

“Dr Martha “tells it like it is” but in a manner that encourages me to follow her advice and guidance.“

I have been a patient in partnership with Dr Martha for over 30 years. I have personally witnessed her practice grow and thrive. I believe the success of her practice is a result of her holistic care and commitment to her patient’s healthcare needs. Her unfailing commitment to me has resulted in my attaining a high degree of good health and wellbeing. Dr Martha “tells it like it is” but in a manner that encourages me to follow her advice and guidance. I would recommend Dr Martha to anyone who takes their health and healthcare seriously.
– Michael M.

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